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1. fuck me shoes:

High, spiky, and cutaway women's shoes. Sometimes referred to as "come fuck me shoes", or "fuck me heels" or "fuck me pumps". Usually a stiletto. Often in black or other provocative color. Sometimes abbreviated to FM shoes. Example "Look at her in those Fuck Me shoes"

2. fuck me shoes:
Aka Stripper heels, 6 inch heels, tall heels, towering heels. They often reveal toe cleavage, accentuate the arch of the foot, elongate the calf. They can evoke either vulnerability or power, depending on your point of view and the kind of heel it is. But what is certain is they exaggerate femininity. "Look at those fuck me shoes, they are like 6 inches high"

3. Fuck me shoes:
Shoes that are designed to appeal to a very basic sense of sexuality, an animalistic call of sorts. They make a guy want to fuck the girl wearing them. "Fuck me shoes" are sexy shoes with long spiky heels. Often vulgar looking, this is part of their appeal.

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